Other Notable Sales

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Tino di Camaino, Saint Bendict

Acquired by the Musée du Louvre



French, 1450-1500, Saint James the Greater
Acquired by The Metropolitan Museum of Art 2015

Giambologna, Rape of a Sabine

Antonio Rossellino, Madonna dei Candelabri

Giambologna, Cesarini Venus

Girolamo della Robbia, Bust of Antonius Pius

Acquired by The Cleveland Museum of Art 2013


Foggini, Hercules and Centaur

Luca della Robbia the Younger, Angel

Girolamo Santacroce, Saint John the Baptist

Andrea della Robbia, Apostle

Tino di Camaino, Man of Sorrows

Andrea Sansovino, Madonna and Child

Neroccio, Saint Leonard

Benedetto da Maiano, Angel

Benedetto da Maiano, God the Father

Francesco da Sangallo, Christ

Butterfield has sold many superb sculptures by some of the greatest masters of Italian art, from the Gothic through the Baroque, including the above illustrated works.